Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What a Conundrum ?

US is no more strong enough to swarm dollars on war.
Pak is seen more like an old prostitute than an enraged mistress. However, a trailing nostalgia and a lot of skeletons (or should we say graveyards) in the cupboards would remain to haunt the diplomats.
The old bitch unleashes her daughter; dashing, mischievous, dynamic and almost vamp-ish; she snubs the past, trades a new path to woo a different world.
Pak accuses US of pro-India. India never believed US was not.
Pak turns to China.

World turns to China.

India tries to repair the branch that probably "turns to China".
Dear MMS (Had he not happened to India, I would not be writing this crap) openly criticizes US' interference in other countries' affairs, starts supporting Palestine, more importantly plans a visit to Iran.
The nuclear deal has been nothing but moving.
Krishna meets Clinton and supposedly spoke about their kids,holidays and everything else but external affairs.
Obama tries to create jobs for the Americans with a notion that it is only possible by snatching from Indians.
Up here, millions of Indians still dream of their kids shouting "Born in the USA".
Corporate Business in India is probably non-existent without US, but can they sustain without a China-centric vision ?
The so called biggest democracy is boiling with hyperboles both politically and ecologically. Where are we ?

Far east, Japan is slowly losing its venom,would lose the third spot to India,but they will find a way out.
Somewhere there in the west, Europe cries for need-based economy, the able and the smart walk off.
All those historical monuments and sophistications seem like mountains of fool's gold.
US sees fallacy in Europe's plans. Europe says "you are no better".

Amidst all these corners though, Technology evolves, reaches civilizations, people use them to shout, sometimes groan. Conflicts and confusions get bombarded in theoretical spaces. The degree of change of randomness has never been that vicious since the early years of birth of universe or time.

Probably together we support the paradox of being.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Marriage with Prajna :: You are invited

When I was a kid I thought "This is just too much ado for nothing"
Then there was a juvenile teen in me that uttered "Oh!! I know everything about it"
Few years passed by and I and many fellow smug adults often smirked and sneered at the events but enjoyed the dinners
                       Then there were
The early victims who for some reason felt Princely for the Stupidity they considered Serene
The fairly grown-ups were either permanently Startled or Satiated with the burden of life unless they were drunk
Then there was a faint decrepit old man who wished to be reborn just for the sheer joy of "I do" or "Qubul Hai" or "The Mantras""
And who knows, probably this is about being re-born to experience love and a new friendship in the guise  of  compromise, sacrifice
                       In short to scavenge through reality...
                       May be this is the Wisest Mistake
                       The  MARRIAGE

Monday, January 17, 2011

You have won

 Mother India singing a lullaby for all her poor sons.

Son, you may have never won anything, 

often you would feel you have never owned anything.
Your biggest victory or rather the only form of victory is the
victory over your frustration, 
victory over your failures.
I am proud as ever for the sheer purity of it, 
this is so genuinely yours, 
so profoundly thoughtless to the intellect, 
so outrageously indifferent to the rest.

You are not alone,
There are millions like you, probably there are just a few who have the success they wish.
Even Murphy would say there are more failures in life to the very countable successes.
But hell ya I know, you are one of the few combatant seers from the creed.
You ridicule the moment you fail, you know the success is just a breath away..
You stand up again to grab the only thing you ever own  "HOPE"..
                                     Yes Son,You have won

It was dark and I was fresh from 4 consecutive defeats in Table Tennis and a hopeless day at office. I found myself stranded and sandwiched between a Malayalam Radio that probably transmitted vibes from some other planet and a monster who was believably sleeping in his hangover. That was not all, the bus guy went Green and switched off all the lights just the moment I opened my "A Thousand Splendid Suns". But then, my laptop with 33 minutes of battery charge cried 'you are still not alone'.
Soon, an ever Capitalist me, was speaking the language of Communism, the language of all those losers who have never lost.