Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Marriage with Prajna :: You are invited

When I was a kid I thought "This is just too much ado for nothing"
Then there was a juvenile teen in me that uttered "Oh!! I know everything about it"
Few years passed by and I and many fellow smug adults often smirked and sneered at the events but enjoyed the dinners
                       Then there were
The early victims who for some reason felt Princely for the Stupidity they considered Serene
The fairly grown-ups were either permanently Startled or Satiated with the burden of life unless they were drunk
Then there was a faint decrepit old man who wished to be reborn just for the sheer joy of "I do" or "Qubul Hai" or "The Mantras""
And who knows, probably this is about being re-born to experience love and a new friendship in the guise  of  compromise, sacrifice
                       In short to scavenge through reality...
                       May be this is the Wisest Mistake
                       The  MARRIAGE

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  1. Thanks for your invite dude.. !! Sorry, I will be missing it physically.. All my wishes there for you all time !

    Have great and fun filled day !