Monday, April 7, 2014


Why is it that the intelligentsia who support AAP, Congress or more recently hate Modi are the ones
  • Who consider Arundhatee Roy a Goddess,
  • For whom, Rajdeep Sardesai is an epitome of journalism,
  • For whom, the soldiers who died saving our parliament were plainly doing their job, but Afzal Guru was a freedom fighter,
  • For whom, the persons with Red Tikka are outdated, goondas and Hindu chauvinists but the ones with skull caps are rooted and cultured,
  • For whom, celebrating our soldiers fighting at the border is militarism,
  • Who prefer to ignore the news of two little girls being killed in a school for playing Holi, but go berserk when a petty goon Muthalik attacks college students partying at 11 a.m.,
  • For whom, the 'Pink chaddi' campaign was about being vocal and modern,
  • Who shout for freedom of expression when some idiot Hindu attention-hogger asks for a ban on MF Hussain, but they cry for respecting the society when it comes to Rushdie's book and they again ignore when the same author deigns Ganesh and Shiva,
  • For whom, the Maoists are great rebels for a cause but the innocents killed by them are nothing but collateral damage,
  • Who condemn the term 'Hindu and Nationalist' as polarising but praise the ones meeting a convicted Maulana as inclusive,
  • For whom the concept of 'development for all and appeasement of none' is impassive and divisive,
  • For whom, the ones citing Churchil's quotes are modern but the ones reciting a verse from the Vedas or that of Chanakya are olden,
  • For whom, it is marvelous and gracious to be 'Rich and Patronizing'.
And probably for them, 'NATION' is notion thrust upon us.

You can damn this piece of shit with another exact opposite piece of shit. I bother the least since in my most grounded emotions, I can take them as different schools of thoughts incoherent with that of me.
For me, these elites will always be a mass of different kind, and I will always refer them as THEY.. And yes, sadly we are polarised !

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