Friday, December 31, 2010



Sabyasachi, up there 250000 miles away from home..Owning an
un-realestate hardly u wo'd ever imagine..
I see my country, of course not the most beautiful, a bit smokey and
much brighter though..
Smell of prosperity is too pungent and so very classy..

Its 2031,an unsophisticated gentleman with a weird dream to sail
through the space made the costliest bargain with the moon.
I see the space exquisitely boring.. I see the moon hopelessly bland..
I set my eyes on India lovely lively..
Now its "BHARAT SHINING" and we are the most respected and celebrated
country with a defined cultural dignity..
Now I am the third Indian and the seventh crazy lay-man in the world
to travel moon..
ISROnNASA aiming at taking it as a profitable business.Thanks to the
excellent Managerial fellas we possess and groom.

Tomorrow I ll be back.. I take a sneaky pick at my past..
I haven't seen Shimla,Darjeeling,Kashmir,Kanyakumari,ven't even been
to the beautiful Bird sanctuary near my native..
Forget the niagra or the Amazon..
Almost been a nerd with a hell lot of money..Hmmm..I don believe,I
have seen the earth as a whole ..
I hit my dream.. I smile..a smile of delirium..

I got a kick..

"Night's up.. wake up mate..

start off..Its never too late"



(A note for all the passer-bys : This was my orkut profile some 4 years back, I named it  "Incandescent Dreams" then; Now, somehow I feel a dream so brilliant should rather be enveloped than be left conspicuous )

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