Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Mr. X: After several worldly defeats, I cry,
            “I do not compete with anybody but me”
Mr. Y: Is it a loser’s escapism or a victor’s narcissism?
Mr. Z: Ask the one with a similar redemption, the GOD himself, who has both won and lost with you,for you

Mr. X: Creation of God or rather the very concept is an anachronism.
Mr. Y: Ironically, it is often conceived as modern.
Mr. Z: So, there you go... Smiles

Mr. X: He must have been a true genius, a whole of himself, who created this big “XXX”
Mr. Y: Or did he just make himself the He?
Mr. Z: Well guys, you are mighty close… Smiles

Mr. X: You know, I do not envy him, since one day I would just be able to better Me
Mr. Y: Buddy, you have just done so
Mr. Z: And you are not far either

Mr. X: Stares wildly at the horizon, thinks, smirks at himself, twitches his mustache muscles and then flushes the most content smile ever and shrugs
Mr. Z: Closes his eyes, winks for once “I reckon I have never lost to myself”
Mr. Y: Takes a deep deep breath, relieves a sensation.. Utters "And I reckon, Godliness is a state of mind"

Mr. X: Nods
Mr. Z: "And I lost it a moment ago";he just manages to stand firm
Mr. Y: And you find it back another moment ago.

Mr. X: All we crave is an uninterrupted perfection
Mr. Y: A better me
Mr. Z: An un-fatigued, un-intrigued state of mind

And then there was just a small dot like it has ever been.


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  2. One of the best I have read my whole life..could decipher hardly 40%, but enough to get a kick :-))

  3. Mr X : Blogging was in my 2010 ( yes, 2010 ) wish list.
    Mr Y : Good wish..
    Mr Z : And you did one too !!

    :P ...

    good one sabya.. write more.

  4. @Arunav bhai dhanyabad, Sleepless at 1 AM has some positives at least..
    @Karthi thnx.. hopefully by 2011 end